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Stainless steel filter housing

Flow l/min Housing type
0,01 - 1 C45 Mini
0,2 - 2 Labo XS
1 - 20 BIBO
40 - 100 UHV

Labo XS Test Housing

It is designed for low volume filtration (0.5 to about 10 liters) or testing of industrial filter cartridges on lab scale. For precision pressure monitoring during the filtration cycle, there is also configuration available with an integrated digital sensor.Applications, for example; formulation of new coatings, small batch size filtration


BIBO Housings

Engineered to achieve maximum productivity through optimizing :

  • cleaning time
  • hold-up volume

BIBO was designed listening to the requirements of coating manufacturers. The hold-up volume of the Arranged BIBO housing is about 10% less than competitor products. All surfaces of the housing that come in contact with liquid are electropolished.


C45 Mini filter housings in Stainless or PVDF

To filter very small volumes in a lab environment.The low inner volume (less than 60ml) makes the C45 filter housing popular among producers of precious materials. For liquids that need to be filtered with as little product loss as possible. Applications: precious products (precious metals), fine chemicals, etc.


UHV filter housing

For flow rates above 40 litres per minute, our UHV filter housings and UHV filter cartridges are the best choice. A UHV filter cartridge replaces 3 to 4 standard filter cartridges, making the filter change much more efficient and safer. All surfaces are easily accessible and very easy to clean.
Applications: coatings, cosmetics, ultra pure water, chemicals, etc.


Other applications