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Polyamide depth filter cartridge

Polyamide or Nylon is a very durable polymer that is resistant to many solvents, such as xylene, butyl acetate, toluene, other organic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbons, glycols, aldehydes (except formaldehyde), oils, and fuels.

The GELCROC NY is a depth filter cartridge made of polyamide micro-fibers with an excellent temperature resistance of 120°C.

The depth filter structure has a graded pore size, with large pores on the outside and progressively finer pores on the inside. This asymmetric depth structure produces a first-class dirt-holding capacity and long filter life.
The Nylon fibers are thermally bonded, forming a rigid matrix that ensures that the filter properties, even under critical process conditions or pressure fluctuations, are not influenced. The GELCROC NY provides an accurate and consistent filtration from start to finish.

Free from adhesives, resins and silicones.
Not suitable for aqueous liquids at elevated temperatures.

Available in 7 filtration rates from 2 to 100 microns nominal.
Available in lengths from 2.5 to 40 inches and with all standard adapters.


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