Disc filters

Disc filters are the ideally suited when low flow rates, small volumes, low hold-up volumes, quick filter change are the top priorities. Build your own disc based on filter media, pore size, disc diameter, connections and materials. Thousands of combinations possible.

Pureflo discs have a compact and rigid design, very low hold-up volumes, fast and easy filter change.

- Wide choice of filter mediums and pore size

  • Melt-blown Polypropylene (PP) or Nylon
  • Glass fiber
  • Mesh : PP, Nylon, Stainless steel or Polyester
  • Membranes : PES, Nylon, PTFE
  • From 0.1 to 150 micron

- shell is made from polypropylene, standard, black (UV-systems) or Gamma-sterilizable grade
- 5 diameters (from D25C to D90R) to suit your application needs
- available with multiple connection and fitting options, optimum productivity, no hassle with tubing and fittings adapters

Particle Removal and Clarification Liquids, Last Chance Filter in digital printing or coaters, Vent Filtration, Medical devices.

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