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Polypropylene filter cartridges

There are countless polypropylene filter cartridges on the market. We are happy to help you make the best decision to increase your productivity. We can divide polypropylene filter cartridges into depth and pleated filter cartridges.

Depth filter cartridges

The depth filter cartridges supplied by ARRANGED are not low-cost filter cartridges for water treatment or electroplating, for example.
Our depth filter candles stand out with their distinctive and excellent filtration properties for dispersions, or suitability at high viscosity, or RO water pre-rinsed filter cartridges to reduce particle migration..
An example is the GELCROC depth filter cartridge, developed to filtrate highly viscous liquids.
But also, depth filter cartridges from TAK, for example the FLOMAX PC, a filter cartridge for designed for CMP slurries in wafer production. Here, we achieve micron ratings of up to 0.2 microns for dispersions with solids contents of 50%!

Pleated filter cartridges

Pleated filter cartridges have a larger filter surface area and are often assumed to have a longer service life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Pleated filter cartridges have a low-pressure difference due to their large filter surface, but the proper selection is often much more critical. Whereas filter cartridges with depth structure perform well in liquids with a wide particle distribution (i.e., from very small to large particles, evenly distributed), pleated filter cartridges (because they have fewer filter layers, a thin depth structure) only work well in liquids with a narrow particle size distribution (PSD)
Again, there are many choices, but it would go too far to explain it all.
Our advice:
Only tests will reveal which type of polypropylene filter cartridge best suits your process.
We have a large stock of samples and test filter housings for this. We can respond quickly, if necessary, within 24 hours; you test, compare, and then we will soon have found your optimal filter.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Some examples from our range of pleated filter candles:

  • GELCROC-P : ideal for liquids with high viscosity and/or high solids concentration, ratings from 1 micron to 100 micron.
  • TAK PI : multi-layer filter media made of Super-Fine-Fibers filter material, excellent for the retention of micro-gels, micron ratings from 1 to 6 microns.
  • TAK PX : has a smaller filter area but a relatively thick pleated filter medium, combining the advantages of depth and surface. State-of-the-art hybrid technology.
  • TAK PL : multi-layer construction, aiming to achieve long life, micron ratings from 1.2 to 100 microns.

Available in lengths from 5 to 40 inches and with all standard adapters.


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