Digital printing, inkjet

Digital printing (inkjet) filtration can be divided into 2 main applications:

Ink production

Pigmented ink filtration is a tough job. It is necessary to find the balance between a good filtration result and stable ink. If filters are too fine, they remove too much pigment, resulting in a short service life for the filters and a reduction in the pigment concentrations in the final ink.

We have various filter cartridges, each of them offering some specific feature for ink jet filtration.

To assist you to find the best filter for your ink, we offer samples and lab (small scale) filters, to qualify the filter in your lab, so that production managers can quickly produce the new ink formulation, and achieve efficient transferral from laboratory to production.

Digital printers (inkjet)

Digital printing technology is used by increasing numbers of applications; wide format printing, textile printing, wood imitations prints, and ceramic tiles decoration to name just a few.

We have a complete range of capsule filters, from small to large, numerous inlet and outlet connections, transparent capsule or black capsule for UV inks.

We offer easy access to our capsule technology for printer manufacturers, including OEMs.

All topics of digital printing related to filtration are our main specialty.

Other applications

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