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About us

More than 30 years in filtration business.

I started my career in filtration in 1991 when I joined Fuji Filter, a specialist in sintered stainless-steel filters. Mid-1992, I switched to a Japanese trading company, focusing more on disposable filters from a Japanese manufacturer. After 20 years, the result was many satisfied end-users in many industrial sectors and a network of distributors in Europe. These disposable filters had properties geared toward coating applications (such as filter capsules, solvent-based coatings, magnetic tapes, and interior and top coatings for the automotive sector).

In the '90s, the optical media market (CD, DVD) grew fast. From 2004, I focused on digital printing applications, offering filter capsule systems and hybrid filter cartridges for producing digital inks. 2010, I started developing the rechargeable battery (Li-ion) market, where slurries with a high viscosity or high solids content must be filtered during production.

The filtration market is constantly evolving, with new trends always emerging. An example of this is the demand for a waste-free filtration system (meaning that the system does not use any disposable filter material such as filter mesh, diatom or filter cartridges). I wanted to know what I could do to address this demand. In 2002, the idea of a cross-flow filter with concentric filter elements arose. This system can recover the retained particles and feed them back into the process (e.g., catalytic converters)!
Or nowadays, the request from many industries to avoid Fluoropolymer (PFAS) materials in filters. We have solutions for this ready.

In 2011 I left the Japanese trading company and founded Arranged BV. Since Arranged BV has grown considerably. We have developed many new applications and products, our customers are all over Europe, and the Arranged team is growing steadily.

In 2016, Arranged GmbH was established in Germany. They mainly focus on German-speaking customers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Curiosity and inventiveness have resulted in many new ideas, which are innovative and have no direct link with filtration. Arranged's IP portfolio includes a series of patents, ranging from hydrogen storage, green ammonia, to scanning technology that we use in control panels or dice scanners.

We have existed for 12 years now and our company's slogan, "Trustworthy Business Development" is still the foundation: doing business together based on trust, loyalty and discretion.

Thank you for being so interested.

M. Eurlings