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Anode and cathode coating filtration for lithium-ion cells

Anode and cathode coating filtration for lithium-ion cells

Filtration is the decisive part that will define the properties of the applied coating on the copper or aluminum foils.

It is a challenging task to filter these anode and cathode coatings! The components (binder, pigments) in the coating, have a completely different filtration behavior. 

Removing gel particles from the coating slurry requires other filtration characteristics than removing agglomerates (e.g., carbon black) from the coating slurry. For removing gel particles, you need a filter with excellent particle retention properties. 

The opposite is the case for the removal of impurities where you need a filter with good particle classifying properties. If not, the filter will remove too much of the functional components resulting in an irregular coating and very short filter operation time.

Compared a filter to a referee; 

  • The filter is the referee in front of the coating head that will instruct particles, pass or stop

Important too but often neglected is the influence of upstream process design (pumping, piping, filter housing …) which have a direct influence on the filtration behavior. In many cases it will be the cause for coating defects, like for examples air bubbles.

We have a profound experience in the filtration of coatings and we can design for your battery electrodes coating stage, a tailor-made filtration unit that will eliminate, or substantially reduce, the occurrence of these coating defects:

  • Impurities, agglomerates and inclusions
  • Irregular coating thickness
  • Holes, air bubbles
  • Lines and scratches

Our filtration expertise will help you to achieve a smooth and stable coating result. 
Our goal is to increase your productivity and maximize your yields.

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