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Anode and Cathode coating filtration for lithium-ion cells

Anode and cathode coating filtration for lithium-ion cells

Lithium-ion battery cells, anode and cathode coating filtration.

Filtration is the decisive process step that will define the properties of the applied coating on the copper or aluminum foil.

It is a complex task since binders and pigments have different filtration behaviors.

Removing gel particles (binder) requires other filtration attributes of the filter than removing agglomerates (e.g., carbon black, graphene) from the coating slurry.

For removing gel particles, you need a filter media that can capture and retain these deformable gel particles.

The opposite is the case for removing agglomerates, demanding a filter with good classifying properties. Suppose a filter doesn’t have these classifying properties. In that case, it will remove too many functional components, resulting in a short filter life.

Significant too, is the influence of the upstream process design (pumping, piping, filter housing, process monitoring), which directly impacts filtration results.

In many cases, it will be the root cause of coating defects. Studies have shown that the coating process is the stage where most defects are generated that result in the rejection of final products.

We have 30 years of profound experience in the filtration of coatings, and if you observe any of the below phenomena

Impurities, agglomerates, and inclusions
Irregular coating thickness
Holes, air bubbles
Lines and scratches
Short filter life

Talk to us and hear our proposals on how to eliminate those.

We will only be satisfied if we can increase your productivity, maximize your yields, and reduce your manufacturing costs.

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