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Viscous liquids

These are very specific applications where liquids with high viscosity or high solids content are filtered. Often these are expensive liquids, dispersions or slurries also based on solvents, elements such as gel and cross-linked particles also play an important role. On top of this many have thixotropic properties. It's all very complex and therefore an interesting challenge for us!

With disposable filter candles these are the maximum ranges:

  • viscosity up to 20000 mPas.
  • solids concentration up to 50%.

The use of filter candles can provide advantages in certain applications, for example:

  • pre-filtration of binders in formulations
  • polymer solutions
  • metal paste

We have extensive experience that we would be happy to share with you in a personal meeting. After all, it is essential that we know the process parameters and can thus propose a concept.

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Other applications

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