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Structural design/analysis engineer

Structural design/analysis engineer

Structural design/analysis engineer

Civil Engineer



dCPV (duplex Constructive Pressure Vessel)


In our concept, renewable energy (sun or wind) is 'harvested' at a remote but productive location (e.g. Chile, Australia, Greenland). This is first converted to hydrogen, but to efficiently transport and store it, we convert it to ammonia. In the complete system setup with energy production, electrolysis and ammonia synthesis, a buffer is required to balance the day/night or seasonal rhythms. This is where our DCPV comes in.

By combining hydrogen and nitrogen in one double-walled pressure vessel, we have the solution for all directly related problems such as the size of the storage (up to 100 tonnes), the permeation of hydrogen, cost price, and recyclability at the end of the vessel's life.

Further detailed studies and concepting has to be done on the following aspects:


Structural analysis, strength calculations (e.g. FEA through ANSYS) of the double-walled pressure vessel construction, analysing the differential pressures between inner and outer segment.
Study and design of the end- and connecting pieces (flanges, welds, possibly also bonding). Influence of temperature differences on the behaviour of the structure.


Help kick-start the transition to a CO2-neutral industry. Work in a challenging engineering environment, work internationally, visit trade fairs and conferences, invent.

Our offer

You will be working in a uniquely creative environment and have your own development in your hands.

Your work will make a difference and we really hope to be able to contribute to a cleaner world.

Naturally, we offer an attractive salary package with extensive fringe benefits. 

Place to work is negotiable; office, home office or shared offices

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