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Software developer image processing

Software developer image processing

Software developer image processing

Master of Science in:
Computer Engineering - Software Engineer

Electronics-ICT Engineer




DSD is a newly invented piece of hardware, that can instantly digitise board game elements (e.g. dice) using a new generation Large-Area-Flat-Surface scanner. Our prototype is ready and now the development of the detailed software begins.

By means of image processing, the data from the LAFS will be processed to recognise throw results, analyse the geometry of game elements, detect if there was manipulation during the game/throw through trajectory control, and implement gesture recognition/control.

Besides DSD, there is also the 'control panel' project. Here the LAFS is used as a robust HMI interface with knobs and sliders.

As a Software developer, you will write the code and test this software on our prototype, so that you can deliver a high-quality application within the planned period.
Together with your colleagues and external partners, you work in a product team to develop the optimal solution.


You work in a small team, you are laying the foundation of the software for this new piece of hardware, which will very likely feel as common as a keyboard, touch screen or mouse within a few years. You try to get the most out of the hardware through intelligently written software.

Our offer

You will find yourself in a unique work environment and in control of your own development, working with leading technology partners, worldwide.

Your work will mean something, you will literally be able to hold it and we really hope that you will be proud of it together with us!

Of course we will offer an attractive salary package with extensive extra-legal benefits. 

Workplace is negotiable; office, home office or shared offices.

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