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Embedded system engineer

Embedded system engineer

Embedded system engineer

Master in computer science, specialized in:

Master in Electronics and ICT Engineering technology




DSD is a unique piece of hardware that can instantly digitise board game elements (e.g. dice) using a new generation Large-Area-Flat-Surface scanner.
Our full-size prototype is finished. We are very excited and it exceeds our expectations! Millions of photodetectors and a good frame rate so that a continuous readout is possible.

Now the development of the hardware and software for the product variants we want to bring to the market in 2023 starts.
DSD will recognise throw results, analyse the geometry of the game elements, do trajectory control to detect if a throw was manipulated, gesture recognition/control.


As an Embedded System Engineer, you will work in a small team, creating the framework for this new piece of hardware, which in a few years will most likely feel as ordinary as a keyboard, a touch screen or a mouse.
An important task; supporting the management team in making the right choices and therefore often have international contacts.

Our offer

You will find yourself in a unique work environment and in control of your own development, working with leading technology partners, worldwide. 
Your work will mean something, you will literally be able to hold it and we really hope that you will be proud of it together with us!

Of course we will offer an attractive salary package with extensive extra-legal benefits.

Workplace is negotiable; office, home office or shared offices.
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