Filter cartridges and capsules

More than 30 years of experience in liquid filtration ... we are convinced that we have the knowledge to find the right filter for your needs. Factors that play a role in achieving a good filtration process:

  • chemical compatibility
  • temperature resistance
  • consistent filtration properties
  • lower filtration cost; either through a longer service life or a lower filter consumable cost
  • for existing filtration systems we have equivalent filters, with same adapters (Code 0, Code 7, with or without bajonet (222 or 226), DOE, NPT, Quick connect) and lengths.
  • optimisation of processes by making adjustments to filter hardware, piping or pumps.

Depth filters, Membrane filters, Highflow filter cartridges, Polypropylene, Polyamide, Glass Fibre, Teflon, Polyethersulfone, Nylon

Products from
Saint-Gobain SKL, MKL, JKL, SKS, D25C, D40C, NDP, MCF (the former Zenpure)
Toray filter cartridges
Fuji Filter metal filters

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