Wind-Hydrogen solutions

The Dualtower concept
Dualtower is a radical new concept of a tower for wind turbines. It combines a new method of building a tower structure with the possibility to store hydrogen gas in the tanks (vessels) of the tower structure.

This became possible since we are using CPV’s -Constructive Pressure Vessels- for the tower structure. The tower structure has 4 or more legs.

The CPV’s are made using commercially available materials (eg large diameter steel tubing) to assure having a cost-efficient product.

The Dualtower catch the wind at any location on the globe, can operate independent from the grid, stores the capture energy as hydrogen gas in its vessel. A completely new feature in wind power.
But it also can be advantageous for wind parks in a sense, that it offers energy balancing function (store excess of energy and make it available when there is a shortage) and thus will increase the yield of the wind park as a whole.

Please download here the conceptional fact sheet for a 100 meter tower.

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Dice Scanner Concept presentation at CES Las Vegas

Date: december 2019

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