Solar Ammonia

Basically, the DualSolar concept is similar to the Dualtower concept, except that we are trying here to solve the issues related to the day/night cycle.

In the DualSolar concept, the photovoltaic panels will capture the sunlight, convert it into electrical energy, that is send to Hydrolyzers to produce Hydrogen gas (H2).
We store the H2 in the dCPV’s, that can be economically and safely made due to their duplex tubing construction. The inner tube contains the Hydrogen gas and is a fully welded construction, whereas the outer tube segment contains the Nitrogen gas (N2).
The operating pressure of the DualSolar dCPV will go up to 200 bar, stores 3 to 6 full day-cycles of H2/N2 gas.
Connected with the DualSolar dCPV is the Ammonia synthesis (NH3), due to the buffering of the hydrogen/nitrogen gas, the Ammonia production can run 24/7, which is a huge benefit in efficiency. Truly green solar ammonia!

Arranged continued to sponsor Hanne Maudens

Date: juni 2019

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Date: maart 2019

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Date: juni 2018