Green Ammonia

Producing Green Ammonia (zero CO2 emission)
Assuming you would like to benefit of the excellent wind conditions in for example Patagonia, Namibia or New Zealand.

With clusters of Dualtowers we can achieve this; the wind is harvested and directly converted to hydrogen gas using electrolyzers. The hydrogen gas is stored in the pressure vessels of the Dualtower.

Hydrogen gas in a chemical reaction with Nitrogen gas will be converted into Ammonia (NH3). Ammonia synthesis is one of the oldest chemical reactions, also called as Haber–Bosch process. Ammonia is a base chemical produced nowadays at industrial scale, about 180 million tons per year.

Ammonia in a liquid state is much easier to transport than hydrogen gas.
Ammonia has a 50x higher density hydrogen density than pure hydrogen gas at 30 bar!

To deal with the difficulties of hydrogen steel embrittlement, sealing issues and hydrogen gas permeation, the duplex CPV's are the ultimate solution.

An article published on the Ammonia Industry website, puts our project in an interesting perspective, the article can be read here.

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