Custom made stainless steel housing
Date: March 2017
Custom made stainless steel housing

Here an example of an customs made housing that has following features ;

  • easy cleaning due to sanitary design
  • all surfaces are electropolished
  • low hold-up volume

Whenever you have such requirement, feel free asking our support, we do the total engineering; from concept drawings to final product.

New General Conditions and Conditions of Sale published
Date: March 2016

Please click on the link here below to download the new version (2.2), available in English, Deutsch, Nederlands and Français.

Are you unsatisfied with conventional filter housing ? Try our BIBO !
Date: January 2016
More space and a new staff member

NEW stainless steel filter housing with low hold up volume and easy cleaning (no corners, polished surfaces).

Improve your filtration productivity !

More info (PDF)

A new staff member
Date: April 2015
More space and a new staff member

A new member in our team; Annelies joined us on April 13th. Annelies is a mechanical engineer and will be responsible for converting our ideas into CAD drawings and products.

Automatic Venting Valve (AVV)
Date: November 2014
Automatic Venting Valve (AVV)

We have developed a new type of non-contact automatic venting valve.

This AVV valve can process any liquid since there is no liquid contact with the venting valve itselves.

Air bubbles will be collected in the venting chamber (conical part) and will be automatically vented if the air volume exceeds a max limit.

It is the ideal venting valve for continuous venting applications in food, coatings, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

A new staff member
Date: July 2014
A new staff member

As from July 1st Joris has joined our company.

Joris will be taking care of our R&D projects, helping us to quickly launch new products in various market segments.

Test it !
Date: May 2014
A full stainless steel crossflow filter system

A full stainless steel crossflow filter system

  • Our newly built ARROSEP Model D crossflow filter is operational to run tests.
  • Model D has a few new features to keep the filter elements longer operational and prevent filter media blocking.
  • We will use sintered stainless steel filter elements from 2 micron to 40 micron absolute.
  • With this test unit we can produce filtrate flow rates between 300 and 1500 liters/hour, depending on liquid and micron rating.
  • Whatever low viscosity liquid you can not filter with dead-end filtering techniques, give it a try with ARROSEP.
Stack it !
Date: April 2014

What if you could have a filter housing that was modular ?

  • Does your process need only a single cartridge, OK we can do it.
  • Or is your product more difficult to filter and you want to install a pre filter? Just stack the prefilter module on top of the end filter.
  • And tired of cleaning the connection pipes between housings ? We do not have them,one housing segment is flowing straight into the next housing segment.
  • Dead-space? We believe our housing concept has lowest dead-space of all filter housingson the market.
  • This is our new MODULAR STACK HOUSING ;
  • Simple to assemble, easy to clean, cost efficient.
ARR-LB-5SF - 5 Liter Filtration Unit
The new rectangular capsule filter
Date: March 2014
ARR-LB-5SF - 5 Liter Filtration Unit

Product: rectangular capsule filter

  • The RD65 filter is a rectangular shape (69 mm x 43 mm) capsule filter.
  • Advantageous is that the rectangular shape is more space efficient than a round disc.
  • RD65 filters are available in natural or black Polypropylene, filter media's can be chosen from membranes to melt-blowns, ranging from 0.1 to 70 micron
  • Connections: hose barbs, Luer Locks, Quick couplings, NPT threads
Sometimes, you need a larger volume to get a better idea of the quality.
Date: December 2013
ARR-LB-5SF - 5 Liter Filtration Unit

Product: ARR-LB-5SF - 5 Liter Filtration Unit

  • Full stainless steel device to perform filtration tasks using 1 inch filter cartridges.
  • Reservoir capacity of 5 liter.
  • Precision pressure regulator, with a multiple turn hand-wheel for sensitive pressure control.
  • Pressure range 0 to 1000 mbar.
  • Diaphragm valve on the filtrate outlet for easy cleaning and quick gasket replacement if needed.

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