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More than 20 years in business.

I joined Fuji Filter, the specialists in sintered stainless steel filters and polymer filtration, in 1991. In mid-1992 I moved to a Japanese trading company in Brussels, while continuing to sell Fuji Filter products, but placing more emphasis on disposable filters from a Japanese producer. The result - after 20 years of intensive work – has been a large number of end-users and a network of distributors in Europe.

These disposable liquid filters contain features destined for coating applications (such as capsule filters, solvent based coatings, magnetics tapes, automotive top and interior coatings).

During the ’90s, I focussed on the optical data storage market (CD, DVD), and from 2004 onwards I looked into the ink jet market, more specifically on disposable capsules and hybrid filter cartridges for pigmented inks.

In 2010 I investigated the rechargeable battery market, with its need for high viscosity and high solid content filtration.

The filtration market is constantly evolving and new trends appear. For example, the growing desire to maintain a waste-free filtration system. (Waste-free means that the system does not require disposal filter media such as a cloth, diatomite or cartridges).

This got me wondering what I could do to meet this demand? In 2002, I hit on the idea of a crossflow system with concentric filter elements. This system even allows you to rework the retained particles! Patents were granted for this concept.

Arranged BVBA has been operating since May 2011. In the meantime our company has enjoyed enviable growth while developing new applications and products such as the automatic air relief valve.

But we are also looking further afield, and hence the idea of the Dualtower.

The slogan I have chosen for our company is “Trustworthy Business Development”; creating business together based on trust, loyalty and discretion. This is what I want.

Thank you for your interest,
M. Eurlings

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